Corby commits to a high standard of housing stock

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Monday, March 12, 2018 - 13:30

Corby Borough Council formally agreed a brand new Asset Management strategy this week that will focus £15m worth of spend on Corby’s housing stock over the next 5 years.


The Housing Service Asset Management Strategy (AMS) adopted on Tuesday night at the local authority’s One Corby Policy Committee outlines the Council’s approach to the long term management of its housing stock which is the Council’s most valuable asset, worth around £200m.


The AMS covers a range of activities that ensure the housing stock meets the needs and standards required, both now and in the future and is being put in place to:


  • Help meet housing needs across the Borough
  • Provide value for money
  • Keep dwellings in a good condition in cost effective ways
  • Exceed the Decent Homes Standard
  • Bring properties up to date and in line with the Council’s Corby Quality Standard
  • Ensure works comply with current and future regulations
  • Provide a balance between responsive and cyclical repairs and capital investment
  • Achieve high standards of energy efficiency
  • Create good neighbourhoods for council tenants and their neighbours


As well as managing repairs and investment, the new strategy has enabled the Council to introduce the Corby Quality Standard.


The Corby Quality Standard is an agreed standard developed with tenants which outlines in detail the kind of service and standards that our tenants should expect from our housing and our repairs.


Corby Borough Council’s Lead Member for Housing, Cllr Bob Eyles, said:


‘Corby Borough Council is committed to ensuring that our housing stock is in good condition, is well managed, is in the right location and meets the tenants’ needs. I am very pleased that as part of this strategy we have introduced the Corby Quality Standard which will ensure that our tenants expect the high quality properties that they deserve.’


The Corby Quality Standard will be accessible on Corby Borough Council’s website under the Housing section.


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