Conservation Areas for Great Oakley and Gretton updated

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Monday, January 14, 2019 - 09:45

Up-to-date character appraisals have been produced for Great Oakley and Gretton, which has resulted in changes to the conservation area boundaries for the villages.


A Conservation Area is “an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”. The main purpose of creating a Conservation Area is to preserve and enhance the unique and distinctive character of an area through planning and other environmental measures.


Designation within a conservation area doesn’t mean every building will be preserved and that no changes will be allowed, but instead helps to ensure changes respect the area’s character and appearance. The additional planning restrictions within conservation areas give more control over new development to ensure it is of good quality and provide protection for important features or buildings.


The Conservation Area for Great Oakley was originally designated in 1968 and 1970 for Gretton, but the recently completed character appraisals and management plans are the first to be prepared for the villages. These documents provide the detail behind the revised boundaries for the Conservation Areas and take into account all comments received during the preparation of the documents.


The main changes to the Great Oakley Conservation Area boundary include the following:

  • The removal of the properties build in the 1990’s in Home Farm Close

  • The removal of modern development between Headway and the small road known as Field Cottages

  • Extension to include the area of parkland down to Harpers Brook

The main changes to the Gretton Conservation Area boundary include the following:

  • The removal of properties lining the approach to the village along Corby Road

  • The exclusion of three properties on Arnhill Road

  • The extension of the boundary of the east side of Arnhill Road to include a property and its garden leading down to Station Road

  • The extension of the boundary down to Hatton Lane and along the embankment of the railway across Station Road.

The revised boundaries for the conservation areas were approved by the Council’s Development Control Committee on the 30th of October, and the supporting Appraisal and Management Plans were adopted as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) by the Council’s Local Plan Committee in December. The adopted SPDs take account of representations received during the public consultation on the draft documents which was undertaken in March and April 2018.


Plans showing the revised boundaries and all associated documents can be viewed on the Council’s website at Paper copes can also be made available to view at the Council office in the Corby Cube upon request. If you have any questions relating to these or any other Conservation Areas in the Borough then please either email the Local Plan team at, or phone 01536 464158.

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