The Annual Canvass

Looking to respond to your Household Enquiry Form?


Looking to register to vote?


Look out for a form checking who's resdtered to vote at your address - make sure you respond by the deadline

Why have I received a Household Enquiry form?

Every year we are required by law to check the details of every household in Corby are up-to-date on the Electoral Register.


It is an annual opportunity to update the Electoral Register with additions, amendments and deletions of electors. All local authorities are required to conduct the Canvass at this time of year annually, regardless whether there have been recent elections or not.

Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) are sent to every property asking if details displayed are correct for all new and existing residents. Any resident/landlord/owner is required by law to respond, regardless if changes are made to the form or not.


Why should I respond?

Benefits for responding include:


What if I add someone new to the form?

New persons that you add to your form are not registered to vote automatically.             

An individual registration form called an Invitation to Register (ITR) is required for completion by that new person, UNLESS they go online to register at with their National Insurance number to hand.


If anyone forgets their National Insurance number, they can request a postal reminder via 0300 200 3500 or may be expected to supply evidence of identity such as a valid Passport at a later date.

What if I do not respond?

Failure to respond means we are required by law to send a Canvasser to your address to collect the information and post further reminders. Canvassers have Identification Badges and it is important that they are not ignored.


Those that still do not respond may be sent warning letters and be considered for a £1000 fine.


What do you do with my completed form?

Upon completion of our Annual Canvass, a new Electoral Register is usually published on the 1st of December each year, unless a recent election has delayed that publishing date.


The Canvass is a legal requirement for all to respond to and your compliance helps ensure that our Electoral Register is as fully accurate as possible.


How do I respond to the Household Enquiry Form?

Choose ONE of the following options

•        GO ONLINE and entering part 1 and part 2 of their security code, or

•        TEXT (if nothing has changed) NOCHANGE followed by the security code to 80212 (If nobody is eligible to vote include a reason e.g empty, business, 2nd home), or

•        PHONE 0800 197 9871 (if nothing has changed) and when prompted enter the security code, or

•        RETURN the completed form and post or hand it back to Corby Borough Council.

The security code is clearly marked on the front and inside all forms as the example below illustrates:

Below are examples of frequently answered questions, if you have any that are not covered in the examples below, please contact Electoral Services on 01536 46 40 12/14 or email

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Why do you send a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) each year?

The information you provide on the form helps us to recognize if there are any changes to be made on your details and/or if everyone at the property is registered to vote.

New residents not listed will be sent individual registration forms to help them to register to vote unless they can go online to


How do I complete the information requested on the Household Enquiry form?

Completing the form is straight forward and takes minutes.

1)         Check if all the details are correct, confirming the full names and nationalities of everyone resident aged 16 or over.

2)         If there are no residents at the property, state why this is the case in your response.

3)         If anyone listed on the form is no longer living at your address, their name/s should be clearly crossed through or removed.

4)         Sign the form, we need to know who responded (whether online, paper form or phone) in order for it to be fully accepted.

 Responses can be done ONLINE, by TEXT, FREEPHONE or calling Electoral Services direct on 01536 46 40 12/14.

What happens after I complete the Household Enquiry form (HEF)?

•           If there are no changes in your response then we do not need to contact you until next year.


•           We may need to contact you further regarding changes that you made to the details of your household.

New residents added to the form will be sent individual registration forms to help them to register to vote unless they go online to


I’ve already responded why have I got another form to complete?

If you already responded to our Household Enquiry Form (listing names and and nationalities but receive the same form to complete, your original form may not have reached our offices or this has crossed over with another form being sent to your property recently. Please contact our office direct on 01536 46 40 12/14 to ensure that you do not receive any further form from us.

If the form is addressed to a person and asking for a national insurance number, then this form must be completed by that person, as it is a registration form, so that they can be added to the Electoral Register.

 “You know I’m already registered as I’ve only just voted!”

Even if you are already registered to vote, you will receive a Household Enquiry Form at your address every year in order to check if the details of ALL who live there are correct and up-to-date.

”I registered to vote a few days ago, why am I not on the form?”

Our Household Enquiry Form can take weeks to produce and send out, by which time some of the information for the address is no longer valid. Either way, please contact our office to ensure that details for ALL who live there are correct and up-to-date.


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