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Tenders & contracts

This section of Corby Borough Council's web site contains information that will assist companies in doing business with the Council.

Procurement has been recognised as an area that can assist with improving the service delivery to citizens.

With the introduction of a more forward-looking approach and strategic purchasing, progress can be achieved and investment of efficiency gains should lead to further improvements in the delivery of frontline services for the citizens of Corby Borough.  Releasing savings through effective procurement is a key element in meeting our savings target and achieving the 'One Corby' priorities.

For more information on procurement the Corproate Procurement Officer can be contacted on policy.strategy@corby.gov.uk
Corby Borough Council Buyer Profile
This section of the web site is to offer organisations the ability to view information about the Councils buying profile. 

The European Commission recommends in the Consolidated Procurement Directive (opens in new window) that authorities provide their purchasing and procurement information via a Buyer Profile and this facility has been incorporated in this section of the web site. The buyer profile provides information on purchase plans, contract details, future and current. By publishing this information Corby Borough Council offers organisations the opportunity to identify future prospects and respond to current opportunities.
Corby Borough Council is dedicated to delivering improved services to the citizens of the Borough and recognise that effective and efficient procurement will assist with this delivery. The Authority's vision for the community of the town is contained with 'One Corby - The Corporate Plan'. In brief the Authority is committed to 'Building a Bigger, Better, Brighter Corby'. 

Purchase Plans / Procurement Policy 
The Corporate Procurement Strategy is set by the Corporate Procurement Officer, but operational procurement activity is devolved to Council Service Areas and governed by Contract Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. 
Delegation of budgets and Standing Orders has given Service Heads responsibility to purchase most of their own Goods and Services. They also have at their disposal Corporate Contracts established by the

Corporate Procurement Officer and other purchasing organisations
Where possible the Council shall work with other organisations to establish collaborative contracts and take advantage of additional efficiencies. The Council currently uses contracts let by The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and Central Buying Consortium (CBC), and has a particular strong relationship with the Local Authorities in Northamptonshire.

This section of the web site is to offer suppliers the ability to view Corby Borough Council contract announcements (opens in new window)  It offers the opportunity to also access contract announcements of other local authorities in Northamptonshire and the East Midlands using Source East Midlands (opens in new window).
Corby signs Small Business Concordat 
Corby Borough Council is a signatory to the Small Business Concordat, committing itself to making it easier for businesses to work with the council. The Small Business Friendly Concordat is a set of good practice principles that sets out what local businesses can expect when looking to win business from, and when doing business with, the Council. It does not allow the Council to automatically prefer local businesses over non-local businesses (a variety of national and EU procurement regulations prevent this), but it is about helping to create a level playing field for the business sector.

Corby Borough Council recognises the important of local businesses to the local economy in terms of job creation and wealth creation, and also in the services that local businesses provide to the community. The Council wants to support local businesses as much as it can and this is part of that commitment to them.

Use this link to view a copy of the Small Business Concordat (opens in new window)

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