Leaseholder - Information & Advice

When you purchase your flat or maisonette or bedsit under the Right to Buy scheme, the Council retains an interest in the land on which the property is built and responsibility for the structure and communal areas of the block. This type of purchase is called leasehold.

If repairs are required to the structure of the block, e.g. roof or windows, or to the communal areas you may be liable to pay a proportion of the cost of carrying out these repairs depending on the terms of your lease.

For further information please contact Landlord Services at Deene House, phone 01536 464000 or by email:

The Corby Leaseholders Handbook tells you about the rights and responsibilities which currently apply to long residential leaseholders of Corby Borough Council. Although it contains useful advice, improtant information and will help answer questions that you may have about your lease, Please note that it is not an authoritative interpretation of the law and it does not override or affect the terms contained in a lease.

Leaseholders Handbook 

Leaseholder Insurance

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